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Crazy Sign Language Fun


Who The Heck Are We???


BOB HILTERMANN is a well-known deaf actor on television, film and stage. Hiltermann is also known as a drummer and producer for a wildly All-Deaf rock band "Beethoven's Nightmare." ( He recently starred in "See What I'm Saying" and "The Heart is a Drum Machine," as well as "The Hammer," which are all currently released in many film festivals and cinemas around the globe.



MARTY ELCAN first studied sign language three decades ago, and desperately needed a brush-up course. Good fortune brought her to Bob's class where she found the most entertaining teacher for any subject EVER! -- and wanted to share him the world. Thus, "SHUT UP AND SIGN!" was born.

Marty has been a member of the Directors Guild of America for over 30 years, working both as an Assistant Director ("Driving Miss Daisy," "Steel Magnolias," "Six Feet Under" "Inherit the Wind" with George C. Scott and Jack Lemmon) and Director (short films in 72 festivals, winning 25 major awards, and the feature film "Next of Kin")

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